Need Vehicles? November 2023 Update

Ford F-150 Lightnings on the way to customers
Need Vehicles? November 2023 Update
Updated November 27, 2023
With all major 2024 factory order banks open, it's a great time to place your orders!
Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab at work

New Research by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
shows Pickups, SUVs, and Vans with hood height greater than 40"
pose greater risk to pedestrians - Nov 15

Ford's Charging Network Increased by 25%
Ford is growing its BlueOvalâ„¢ Charge Network in North America by 25%,
bringing the new network total to more than 106,000 chargers - Oct 30

Cruise CEO Quits Amid Safety Investigation
as the tech company faces a wave of distrust, an ongoing safety probe,
and waning support for a self-driving future - Nov 20
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