Doubting How Fast The EV Shift Can Happen

Doubting How Fast
the EV Shift Can Happen

May 11, 2022

There is a growing chorus of experts warning that a supply problem could seriously hamper efforts by automakers and governments to meet their ambitious EV targets.

"Where is the clean energy? ... charging infrastructure? ... raw materials?
Where are the geopolitical risks of sourcing those raw materials?
Who is looking at the full picture of this transformation?"

Carlos Tavares, CEO Stellantis May 10, 2022
Speaking at the 2022 Future of the Car conference, Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, warned of a shortage of batteries and raw materials in the coming years.

He said:
  • Automakers were focusing on technology and were ready to "pour" battery electric vehicles on the market, while they and regulators were lacking vision on all long term implications of the mobility transition.
  • Raw material supply could also pose structural challenges in the coming years as electric vehicles were on average 500 kilos heavier than traditional combustion engine ones.
  • The shift to electric mobility could create "geopolitical risks" because of the dependence on minerals mined within countries considered strategic rivals.
"That means a lot of raw material extraction,
that means eventually scarcity of raw materials,
that means eventually geopolitical risks,"
Growing Chorus Of Doubt

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