Vehicle Preservation Strategies

Vehicle Preservation Strategies

February 12, 2022
The continued slow-down of vehicle production, along with high demand, has
  • limited the ability to replace vehicles
  • forced fleets to extend service lives
This leads to increased maintenance issues and downtime.
Here are some tips to help you through it.
Minimize Truck Overloading
Overloading consumes additional fuel, poses a safety risk, and causes unnecessary wear and tear on the chassis and tires. 

Monitor Driver Behaviour
Faster than normal tire replacements and brake wear are usually signs of vehicle abuse and/or aggressive driving.
Summit Telematics can help reduce Vehicle Abuse & Aggressive Driving
Increase Frequency of Cleaning
Regularly washing a fleet vehicle not only makes it look nice, it also bolsters company image, and drivers take better care of well-maintained vehicles. 

If employees aren’t feeling good about the equipment they’re using, they don't take pride in the vehicle’s internal and external condition. The result is a degraded company image and a diminished resale value.

Consider Used Commercial Vehicles
If total kms driven could become too excessive with another year of service, investigate the purchase of a pre-owned commercial vehicle with fewer kms.
Reduce Idling
Besides wasting fuel, excess idling also causes needless engine wear and tear.

Optimize Vehicle Utilization
Fleets should closely monitor vehicle mileage and swap out high-mileage units with lower-mileage units.
Summit Telematics can help optimize Vehicle Utilization & Reduce Idling
Simplify Specs & Be More Flexible
This will increase the number of available model options across a wider range of OEM's. It will also help to move vehicles through upfit and delivery quicker.

Prep to Make Quick Decisions
Dealers will most likely have limited inventory so when a vehicle is located, approvals should already be pre‐approved so you can make immediate decisions.

Start Planning Now
Place factory orders instead of relying on dealer lot availability, and start planning now for next year.
Full Article by Mike Antich, Global Fleet Management

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