Auto Insurance is Shifting Gears

Alberta Auto Insurance Shifting Gears
January 1, 2022

Starting Jan. 1, Alberta will be adopting a direct compensation for property damage model, more commonly known as DCPD. Alberta is the last province to jump on board with this model.

If you’re in a collision, your own insurance company will pay for covered damage to your vehicle, no matter who was at fault. This will reduce the back-and-forth between insurance companies to sort out who pays for repairs.
As of Jan. 1, 2022, the mandatory coverages you need to drive in Alberta will change. But don’t worry, if you’re already insured in this province, this will happen automatically. You’ll see the details in your next renewal package.
Full Details on Changes - AMA Article

"It's really just a streamlining process for how a claim is handled moving forward," Jaime Tempeny with Westland Insurance said. "So rather than chasing third party carriers and adjusters, you're now dealing with the insurance carrier that you hired."

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