GM-Geotab Integrated Telematics Now in Canada

GM-Geotab Integrated Telematics
Now in Canada

October 25, 2021
Geotab recently announced the Geotab integrated solution for GM in Canada. The integrated solution for Ford was announced last year.

With no additional hardware installation required, the GM and Ford offerings from Geotab provide Canadian customers with the benefit of managing their entire fleet in one platform, regardless of make, simplifying fleet management and helping businesses make better-informed decisions. 
Skip the hassle of installation and the upfront cost of plug-in devices by using OEM embedded devices 
Our OEM embedded telematics solution integrates OEM vehicle and equipment data with Geotab device data in one portal. This offers customers one holistic view of their fleet data, whether from OEM embedded device or plug-in device.
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62% of vehicles sold worldwide in 2020 were equipped with OEM embedded telematics - estimate from Berg Insights, Sweden
GM-Geotab Announcement
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