Green Hydrogen Creates Options For Auto Industry

Green Hydrogen Creates Options for Auto Industry
July 13, 2021
The auto industry has had a friendly relationship with oil and gas stakeholders for more than 100 years, but things are taking a sharp turn. Electric vehicles are alllowing automakers to explore renewable energy options, including green hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles.
Startups may stumble, but Hydrogen could save the day. Tina Casey, senior writer for TriplePundit

Electric vehicles can run on either rechargeable batteries or fuel cells that convert hydrogen into electricity. Both have zero tailpipe emissions. 

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) generate electricity through a reaction between hydrogen and ambient oxygen.
Almost all hydrogen in circulation today comes from fossil sources, primarily natural gas. This Gray Hydrogen releases almost 10 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for every 1 kg of gray hydrogen produced.

Alternative sources are emerging. Electrolysis systems, which use electricity to pry hydrogen gas loose from water, are attracting much research and development activity. Using low-cost wind or solar energy to supply the electricity, the Green Hydrogen field has provided automakers with a unique opportunity to collaborate on fuel production.
To reach its zero-emissions potential, there will need to be a gradual shift from gray hydrogen to green hydrogen in the years ahead.
Tina Casey, senior writer for TriplePundit
Green hydrogen is still relatively expensive, mainly due to the high cost of electrolysis systems.

However, last week Hyundai signed an agreement with the Canadian green hydrogen producer Next Hydrogen in an R&D project aimed at pushing down the cost of electrolysis. The partners will focus on an electrolysis system based on alkaline chemistry, among other options.
Fossil energy is losing its grip on the fuel cell market with every new stakeholder and innovator that enters the field. 
Tina Casey, senior writer for TriplePundit
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