Alberta-Grown Plant-Based Diesel

Alberta-Grown Plant-Based Diesel
August 25, 2021
Imperial Oil has announced plans to construct a world-class renewable diesel complex at its Strathcona refinery near Edmonton, Alberta. This new complex will produce renewable diesel from locally sourced and grown feedstocks, such as canola oil.
Studies have shown renewable diesel can provide greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 40-80% compared to petroleum-based diesel.
The renewable diesel can be used year-round and in Canada's harsh winters.
Strathcona Refinery near Edmonton, new home for planned renewable diesel complex
Renewable diesel has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ~ 3 million tonnes per year, compared to conventional fuels, which
is equivalent to taking 650,000 passenger vehicles off the road for 1 year.
Canada's Clean Fuel Standard, which takes effect next year, is intended to spur investment in clean-energy technology and create a trading scheme that enables fuel suppliers that do not meet emissions reduction targets to buy credits generated from cleaner fuel producers.
The Strathcona project will leverage hydrogen produced with carbon capture and storage technology to help Canada meet low-carbon fuel standards. Imperial Newsroom
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