Electrified. Which Vehicles Can You Replace with EVs?

Which Vehicles Can You Replace With EVs?

June 10, 2021
Whether you are thinking about it, or already making the move to EV's, a good way to start is doing an EV Suitability Assessment (EVSA) of your fleet.

Summit Telematics' EV suitability assessment is a tailored EV adoption recommendation based on telematics data from your existing fleet and real-world EV performance data.
The Assessment will answer many questions:

Vehicle Selection
  • Which of my vehicles are the best candidates for replacement by EVs?
  • Which model of vehicle is best for each vehicle class I have?
Performance Requirements
  • Will an EV be able to perform the required tasks in my fleet?
  • Will the EV meet my drivers' range requirements?
  • Will the battery still perform in extreme weather?
Return on Investment
  • Will going electric actually save money for my fleet and, if so, how much?
Environmental impact
  • By how much will my fleet’s carbon emissions go down?
To get started on your EV adoption strategy, contact your Summit Fleet Representative or use the links below.
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