Top 6 Misconceptions About Connected Fleets

Big Brother is watching?
Top 6 Misconceptions about Connected Fleets

June 3, 2021
Telematics is simply a business tool that allows you to track, analyze, and make consistent improvements on your mobile operations. It also reduces a fleet's overhead, allowing you to take on more jobs.

All of that comes down to the final punch line:
Keeping your company competitive and profitable.
Joanne Tucker, Automotive Fleet

misconception: Telematics will anger Drivers and kill morale
reality: Some drivers may complain that 'big brother' is watching, but the majority will see that it actually helps them do a good job.

misconception: Small to Mid-size fleets don't need it
reality: We are living in a time of great disruption fueled by digital technologies. The way companies work tomorrow will be very different from how they work today. By embracing modern technologies and making the most of change, companies can stay one step ahead of the competition.
If you monitor and coach drivers on Jack-rabbit starts, harsh cornering, and harsh braking, you will see improvements on safety and wear-and-tear
misconception: Telematics is too Expensive
Telematics can help a fleet save far more than its initial cost. Ask the provider to show you how they can save you $. It's only costly if you don't find the ROI.

misconception: The Cheapest solution is the Best solution
reality: Finding a solution that fits your unique goals and business needs will yield greater ROI. Don't let price drive your decision.
A single engine diagnostic trouble code Alert helped shave $800 off one vehicle's repair bill. Joanne Tucker, Automotive Fleet
misconception: All telematics technologies are Alike
realityThere are vast differences between providers. You have many choices when it comes to hardware, software, available features, dashboards, alerts, reports, customer service and consulting.

misconception: All solutions will Adapt to your growing business
reality: Not every solution is scalable. Some providers have very limited functionality that some fleets will eventually grow out of.

In the past, companies have embraced telematics to for solve a problem in routing, scheduling, or fuel efficiency. Today they are having to reinvent themselves - to be disruptive or, if not, to be disrupted. Colin Sutherland EVP, Geotab

Telematics ROI Beyond Fuel Savings - by automotive fleet
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