Connected. Guide to the Canadian ELD Mandate

Guide to the Canadian ELD Mandate

April 12, 2021
With the Canadian enforcement deadline coming up in June, many fleets will need to invest in an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution that is compliant with Canadian, US, and/or Cross-border requirements.

Take a deep dive into what fleets need to know to make the best ELD investment.

ELD Background
ELDs are defined by Transport Canada as a device or technology that is certified and automatically logs the driver’s record of duty status and driving time.
Requirements of the Mandate
  • North of 60
  • South of 60
South of 60 requirements continued
Canada has 4 main exemptions
  • The vehicle that is being operated was manufactured before the year 2000
All 4 can be found in the Comprehensive Guide
Canadian Deferral Time
Canada Deferral of daily off-duty allows drivers to get an additional two hours of driving and on-duty in a period of 24 hours (on day 1), but then taking the required extra two hours off on the next day (day 2). continued in Comprehensive Guide
Other Topics Include
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report requirements
  • Difference between US and Canadian mandates
  • How to manage cross-border fleets
  • Choosing the right telematics partner
Comprehensive Guide to Canadian ELD Mandate
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