Need Vehicles? March 2021 Update

Need Vehicles?
March 2021 Update
Updated March 23, 2021
The global semiconductor chip shortage is tightening its grip on automotive production, resulting in further production delays and shutdowns, as well as creative plans.
Pickups Built Without Certain Parts
Plans announced last week in order to supply as many trucks as possible:

Production Delays
Summit Fleet Rentals - equipped and ready to go!
Order now for Fall Deliveries
  • Place 2022 factory orders within days of order bank opening
  • Place 2021 factory orders asap
  • Don't wait for pricing, once 2022 banks open they will fill up fast
Fill in the gaps with Summit Rentals
  • Available immediately
  • Upfitted trucks and vans
  • No commitment, no risk
  • With or without telematics
Don't Rely on Dealer Stock Availability
  • Fast approaching zero on-ground availability for stock units
  • Almost all units landing pre-sold or reserved for retail
  • Expected to continue until 2022’s start to land (summer-fall)
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