EXTENDED! Canadian ELD Deadline

Canadian ELD Deadline

March 4, 2021
On March 2, the Transport Minister announced a "progressive enforcement period" which means that all fleets will now have more time.

This step was taken to account for the impact of COVID-19 and will help fleets avoid violations and potential issues with any of the Canadian law enforcement agencies and regulations.
"This will give sufficient time for industry to obtain and install certified electronic logging devices without penalty as of June 12, 2021. Early enforcement measures will consist of education & awareness." Minister of Transport, Honourable Omar Alghabra

Electronic logging device (ELD) hardware and software must be tested and certified by a third-party certification body accredited by the Minister of Transport.
To date, there is 1 third-party certification body
accredited by the Minister of Transport,
and no electronic logging devices have been certified yet. 

The Canadian ELD certification process includes many steps, and Summit Telematics is well on its way to completion.

The goal is to reduce driver fatigue

Replacement of paper with electronic logs
ELD devices must be third-party certified
Hours of Service regulations largely unchanged
Does not apply to vehicles operating in only 1 province
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Obtaining Canadian ELD Certification
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