Need Vehicles? Feb 2021 Update

Need Vehicles?
February 2021 Update
Updated February 23, 2021
High vehicle demand, scarcity on dealer lots, and closed order banks continue to impact the fleet industry.
Plan for Sep-Dec Order Deliveries Now
  • Place 2021 factory orders asap
  • Place 2022 factory orders within days of order bank opening
  • Don't wait for pricing because once the 2022 banks open they will fill up very fast
Don't Rely on Dealer Stock Availability
  • Dealer stock will continue to diminish, possibly until next year and beyond
  • Most units are already pre-sold when they land on the lot
  • Markups are currently $3,000+
Canadian Fleet Market Deep-Dive - Automotive Fleet (16 minutes)

GM and Ford's 2022 Order Banks are officially opening soon (see below).
Ford's 2022 SuperDuty Order Banks are Open Now, ahead of the official date listed below.
For details or vehicle spec recommendations, contact your Summit Fleet Representative or use the links below.
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