Connected. Fuel Management with Telematics

Fuel Management with Telematics

February 10, 2021
Fuel is one of the largest spend categories for fleets. It hits your bottom line, and it hits the atmosphere as carbon emissions. 

Telematics can help you monitor and manage fuel consumption, improving costs and productivity, as well as your level of sustainability.

Telematics systems, such as Geotab, provide companies with a robust 'tool-kit' of rules, alerts, driver coaching, reporting, and analytics that will help drive consumption down. Areas for improvement include:
  • Tire pressure
  • Vehicle task-match
  • Speed restriction
  • Manage aggressive driving
  • Alternative fuels
Send real-time, in-vehicle verbal feedback or buzzer alerts when drivers break customized, pre-defined rules


Telematics systems offer a comprehensive suite of standard and custom reports to manage fuel consumption. Examples include:

  • Top 5 Speeding Violations Report
  • Weekly Idle Cost Trend & Report
  • Average Fuel Economy Report
  • Last 3 Months Fuel Trend & Report
  • Last 3 Months Mileage Trend & Report
  • Fuel Usage Report
  • Fuel Fill-Ups Report
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