Electrified. How Fleet Managers Can Prepare

How Fleet Managers Can Prepare

January 20, 2021
Thanks to increasingly stringent restrictions on vehicle emissions, as well as the ongoing retooling of the global vehicle manufacturing industry to produce electric vehicles, electrification is coming to all fleets, whether they are ready for it or not.

The researchers at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) find that fleet electrification will be worth the cost and effort.
  • Done right, fleet electrification can result in significant cost savings for all fleets and vehicle classes, and be the primary means of reducing their carbon footprints.
  • Done badly, it can be a series of very costly errors.
But avoiding electrification isn’t an option.

Based on RMI’s survey of 91 fleet managers and 18 in-depth interviews, Steep Climb Ahead offers the first comprehensive assessment of how major US fleet managers are approaching the electrification of their fleets.

The report also explores the current landscape of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, and identifies what will be required to scale up EV adoption.


Charging infrastructure is the biggest area of concern for the fleet managers surveyed by RMI.

It is fraught with difficult questions which have no obvious answers and few best practices, such as:

  • Which vehicles need chargers installed at centralized depots, and which ones can employees take home to charge?
  • If employees take company vehicles home to recharge them, how does the company manage the liability of installing chargers at employees’ homes, and how should the costs be compensated or allocated?
  • What kind and what power level of chargers should the organization deploy, recognizing that vehicle manufacturers have been increasing battery sizes and maximum charging speeds?
Full RMI Report
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