Worst to Best Drivers by Zodiac Sign

Worst to Best Drivers
by Zodiac Sign

January 8, 2021
What if your birthdate influenced your propensity to be a careful driver — or to behave like a reckless one?

Canadian automotive insurance expert has ranked drivers from worst to best. "...I compared 100,000 drivers, their tickets and accidents, to their astrological sign."  Lee Romanov, Author of Car Carma
#1 Worst | LIBRA
Road disaster waiting to happen
Libra doesn’t like to make snap decisions. But rush hour traffic is not a time for seeking driver approval, or for being indecisive.
Sep 23 - Oct 22

#2 Worst | AQUARIUS
Hope for good insurance
Ruled by the planet of rebellion, Aquarians are strong-willed and independent-minded drivers who travel on the highway as if they own it.
Jan 20 - Feb 18
#3 Worst | ARIES
It's all about you
Aries have a 'Me First' child-like nature, that drives impatient Aries into vehicular trouble.
Mar 21 - Apr 19
#4 Worst | PISCES
Going against the tide
Pisces drivers are focused on their inner journey. Wake up dreamer! driving in the “real world" requires your full attention.
Feb 19 - Mar 20
#5 Worst | SCORPIO
The one we don't want to poke at
If you pass a Scorpio driver, plan on being chased. They react emotionally to every experience on life’s highway. 
Oct 23 - Nov 21
#6 Worst | TAURUS
The bulldozer's gridlock
Taurus drivers are stubborn, and have an urge to charge at red lights. If their insurance rates rise, they will 'see red' and find another company to battle with.
Apr 20 - May 20

Rush, rush, rush
They focus more on their conversation than on the road. They’re experienced risk takers, and know that stunt driving should be left to the professionals.
Nov 22 - Dec 21
#8 Worst | CAPRICORN
Here's why nobody wants to carpool with you
Capricorns are goal oriented. As drivers, they feel the rules of the road are for other drivers to follow so Capricorns can get to their destination faster.
Dec 22 - Jan 19
#9 Worst | VIRGO
Saving Squirrels
Virgo drivers have a nervous attention to detail, and would slam on their brakes to avoid hitting a squirrel, while causing a 10 car pile-up.
Aug 23 - Sep 22
3rd Best | CANCER
We are family
Cancer drivers use their instincts and place a high value on safety. Ruled by the moon, they are famous for their moodiness. Beware of night driving.
Jun 21 - Jul 22
2nd Best | GEMINI
For the good vibes
The twins - one drives, the other co-pilots. Geminis inadvertently travel the same speed as the car beside them, making it impossible to pass.
May 21 - Jun 20
# 1 Best | LEO
When Rambo wins it all
Comfortable sharing the road, Leo drivers are leaders. They have a huge ego and demand to be the very best drivers, and they have achieved it.
Jul 23 - Aug 22
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