COVID-19 Resale Market Update

The good old pre-covid days! Now wholesale auctions operate online only
COVID-19 Resale Market Update
November 17, 2020
Over the past 5 weeks, wholesale resale prices in Canada have declined week over week. For this time of year, this is relatively normal, however the weekly % decline has been increasing, and the US market has seen much sharper drops.
Canada - Weighted % Change in Value Apr 1/19-Nov 1/20 Canadian Black Book
Car segments    Light Trucks (vans, suv, x-over, pickup trucks)
Canadian Black Book (CBB) predicts "... used vehicle retail demand will weaken and we should see an increase in supply of used inventory. Due to these market forces, Canadian Black Book forecasts a drop in wholesale prices this fall and winter..."
CBB Analysis & Insights
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