Canadian ELD Deadline Looming – Are you ready?

Canadian ELD Deadline Looming
Are you ready?

September 10, 2020
In June of 2019, Transport Canada published changes to the rules governing driving time for commercial vehicle drivers. This mandate includes replacing paper logs with electronic logging devices (ELD's).
Deadline June 12, 2021 to replace paper with electronic logs
No grandfather period
ELD devices must be third-party certified
Hours of Service regulations largely unchanged
Does not apply to vehicles operating in only 1 province
It's all about improving safety on Canadian roads

ELD's automatically record and process driving time and duty status by combining driver inputs (via an App) with information collected from the vehicle's engine control module (ECM). This helps improve compliance with hours of service regulations, resulting in reduced accidents caused by driver fatigue.

The goal is to reduce driver fatigue


Any driver of a commercial bus or truck (as defined below) must comply with Canada's National Safety Code (NSC) standards, which include the Canadian (federal) ELD Mandate. However, if they only drive within 1 province, they follow the Provincial NSC standards; not the Federal standards.
Trucks or truck and trailer combinations registered for
4,500 kg GCW, or more
Buses used to transport people that can carry 11 or more people, including the driver

Choose an ELD that will meet all Canadian technical requirements, including
  • Warning drivers when they are getting close to hours of service limits
  • Deferral of off-duty status
  • Commitment to achieving Canadian certification
Summit Fleet's Geotab solution already meets Canadian ELD technical requirements. Once Transport Canada appoints a certification body, ELD manufacturers will apply for certification. Geotab is committed to doing whatever it takes to earn Canadian certification.
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